Natural Seasoning Brand Name, Goldenhill

Take up a healthier life style with normal seasoning!

Korean organic seasoning brand, Golden Hill selected clean ingredients from the type and followed rigorous ingredients policy. The business has been produced organic seasonings from in Korea. non-e of our items include preservatives, colorants or monosodium glutamate (MSG). Therefore, it is possible to enjoy flavor of nature natural seasonings from Golden Hill. In order to become healthy, focus on Golden Hill.

Ocean tangle Powder ()

Since it provides the massive amount Vitamin C that really helps to purify your blood and amino acid lowersyourblood stress and cholesterollevels.

You may make types of baby food with sea tangle powder. To put it simply it for much better taste!

Anchovy powder ()

Anchovy mostly includes calcium that is good for preventing an osteoporosis and supporting kids buildstrongbones. It provides supplement D and Zinc that’s effective to avoid cancers.

You may make Korean noodle using anchovy powder.

Pollack Powder ()

Have you found out about Dried Pollack?

It includes 5 situations more amino acid compared to the original pollack. It generally useful for Korean hangover soup because this seafood has functionality to solve alcohol fast.

Among the best Korean hangover soup is making use of dried pollack soup. It really is good for dissolving alcoholic beverages.

Shrimp Powder()

Shrimp is saturated in calcium and taurine but lower in food power. A shrimp-based food is considered healthful for the circulatory program because it enhances the ratio LDL to HDL cholesterol.

It really is taste good with any forms of stir-fried food items, specifically for the stir-fried seafood.

Shiitake Powder()

Are you experiencing chronic constipation? It offers high level of resistance to malignancy and increase your immunity degree. It certainly makes you sense stuffed quicker.

Can you like Korean meals? If that’s the case, try creating a Soybean Paste Soup with shitake powder

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