Introduction Of Brand Name Identity (Cheon-yeon-dam-a)

Introduction of brand name identity (Cheon-Yeon-Dam-A)

Cheon-Yeon-Dam-A is really a brand which makes premium normal seasoning made % of 100 % natural ingredients, thus make a wholesome life style with the normal seasoning spices. Right here have a tale about how exactly start Cheon-Yeon-Dam-A.

When Cheon-Yeon-Dam-A Owners infant began to reject consuming food that has been not seasoned, therefore Owner tried feeding him different types of foods including store-bought infant formula as well as take-out meals that grownups eat. Nevertheless, this led to the baby coping with primary phases of atopic syndrome and meals poisoning. Therefore they started providing more thoughts from what the infant was fed.

Hence Cheon-Yeon-Dam-A utilize the best and freshest organic resources for several of the meals they create. With sources like the shiitake mushroom which has a natural certification along with other organic spices, Cheon-Yeon-Dam-A purchased the greatest natural basic products (not only making use of spices for the development of the bottom of the soup) without preservation of any sort.

Cheon-Yeon-Dam-The lead the balanced diet culture for the family and kids, by getting the very best quality of organic seasoning with environment-friendly, organic elements.



Introduction of item ingredients and functions

[Dried Anchovy Share Pack]

In this small share powder pack, % of genuine anchovy is contained! And in addition natural seasoning combined in golden ratio with anchovy, kelp, shrimp, onion, radish and celery. Therefore dried anchovy share pack could make new and light tastes of meat share, an important ingredient for stew. This pack may be used for numerous stew-type dishes.









[Dried Chungyang Very hot Pepper Share Pack]

In this small share powder pack contains anchovy, Chungyang hot pepper, hot pepper seeds, kelp, shrimp, onion, rice, radish and celery.

Chile peppers are filled with flavor and health advantages including being an aid inside weight loss, and in addition contains vitamin D, vitamin C, Potassium, fiber and beta-carotene, analysis has linked eating chile peppers with decreased blood circulation pressure and cholesterol. Furthermore contain carotenoids which are drive back cancer

Since freeze-dried Korean Chungyang hot pepper and its own seeds are added, accounting % of the full total ingredients, it really is appropriate for getting spicy dishces.